SPINAKER - "Brand management on the international market"

Baner przedstawiający Pałac Ogińskich


The main target group of the project are foreign students of first cycle studies (bachelor) and second cycle studies (master) from universities which cooperate with the Applicant (10 students from Lithuania and 30 students from Georgia). The target group also consists of students’ tutors who are substantively connected with the project’s subject. The proposed actions focused on the target group are justified by continuously changing conditions of academic life. Turbulency of the environment no longer concerns only running a business. Academic life is also highly globalised and connected with other areas of life.  Therefore, activities focused on the target group are a response to increasing the level of mobility, activities in intercultural groups and raising language skills. Recruitment of participants will be conducted through online registration which will be promoted by foreign units interested in the project.  The online registration questionnaire will be prepared in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, in compliance with inclusion and digital availability.


A lecture part of program is to deliver knowledge to participants during online lectures with the use of synchronous interaction. It is planned to conduct 30 hours of lectures divided in 3-hour blocks = 10 online meetings. The meetings will be led by 5 members of academic staff from UPH.  5   

The lectures include:

  • Comprehensive brand management on international market,
  • Negotiations in the process of brand management in multicultural environment,
  • Marketing tools in online communication,
  • The use of visual identification systems in brand building,
  • The use of elements of Polish culture, tradition and folklore in promotion campaigns.


Projected workshops will be carried out in-person. They consitute a real continuation of the lecture content. The workshops will be conducted for 4 groups of 15 people (foreign students with participation of Polish students), 20 class hours during 5 days – that is 4 hours a day.

The workshops include:

  • 4 hours of workshops on brand architecture,
  • 4 hours of workshops on analysis of brand position and brand valuation,
  • 4 hours of workshops on promotional methods and techniques used in brand building,
  • 4 hours of workshops on the use of negotiation games as factor of negotiation effectiveness in multicultural environment,
  • 4 hours of workshops on Polish culture and language.

Study tours to 3 enterprises, whose products are recognised outside the borders of our country. abroad.

This task involves:

  • study visit in Wedel – a chocolate factory,
  • study visit in  Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek Polmos S.A, (spirits company),
  • study visit in Mościbrody production facility,